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10 Cool French Things To Do In Melbourne

Live the Paris life here in Australia One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the French language and culture is to take a trip to France. But sadly, this might not be an option for all of us! If you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, you don’t have to give up...

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Champagne: 7 questions answered

Champagne: 7 questions answered It is undoubtedly THE national pride of France. It is incredibly renowned all over the world and its name is synonym of luxury. Let us explain you everything about le Champagne!  [Tweet "Champagne: 7 questions answered #French...

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7 marvelous Melbourne eateries you must try

Miam! Miam Melbourne! It is often suggested that France produces some of the finest grub and tucker in the world. What think you, O antipodean folk, is this still true? Are our cheeses still some of the smelliest yet tastiest out there? Are our delicate pastries to...

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9 more fantastic, funny French facts

Here are some more fantastic and funny French facts! Para? Us? The prefix para tends to mean “guard against”. So parachute means “guard against the fall”, parasol means “guard against the sun”, and parapluie means “guard against the rain”. Makes sense, n’est ce pas?...

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7 top tips to help you learn French

Many people view French as one of the most beautiful languages in the world, whilst French people, take it for granted. As French tutors, we are passionate about our language, and impressed by the commitment and perseverance of our students! C’est incroyable how...

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Fantastic, Funny French Facts

We've collected some amazing French facts that you never knew (or maybe you did...) [Tweet "9 amazing French facts you never knew #french lessons #french facts"] 1. White nights? For one night only, the city of Paris is smothered in tripped out illuminations from dawn...

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