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  • Amandine

    Born: Orléans
    Teaching Since: 2016
    French Tutoring Experience: Native French speaker, Bachelor in Science of Education, taught languages and yoga to students ranging from pre-school to high school students
    J’aime: Food, dancing, travelling armed with just my backpack, yoga, family gatherings
    Je n’aime pas: Negative people, Paris’s weather, skipping meals

  • anissa french tutor
    • Born: Huy
    • Teaching since: 2005
    • French tutoring experience: Experience in tutoring teenagers
    • J’aime: learning languages, travelling, hiking, meeting new people, watching movies and listening to music
    • Je n’aime pas: Brussels sprouts, rainy days and drivers speeding up near a pedestrian crossing
  • Aziz

    Born: Bobo Dioulasso
    Teaching since: 2013
    French tutoring experience: experience in tutoring and volunteering with teenagers, adults, kids in Melbourne, Canada, & France
    J’aime: learning, traveling, biking, meeting new people, watching movies, listening to music & reading the lyrics, multiculturalism
    Je n’aime pas: 9 to 5 jobs, routine

  • Bertrand

    Born: Toulouse
    Teaching since: 2016
    French tutoring experience: French native speaker with teaching experience to adult beginners and adolescents.
    J’aime: rugby, fancy dress parties, Tarantino’s movies, snowboarding, the smell of fresh bread and coffee in the morning.
    Je n’aime pas: hypocritical folk, when sand burns the soles of your feet, the feeling of pins and needles.


  • Carole
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker. Experienced with children. Tutored at schools and nurseries in UK.
    • J’aime: Tea, the British royal family, baking cakes.
    • Je n’aime pas: Disorder, snow, dried fruit in chocolate.
  • Cecile
    • Born: Normandie.
    • Teaching since: 2014.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker. Tutoring experience with primary and high school children. Preparation for the VCE French exam.
    • J’aime: Traveling, reading, going to the cinema, catching up with friends, walking.
    • Je n’aime pas: Oysters, noise, running, snobs.
  • Chloé
    • Born: Grenoble
    • Teaching: since 2015
    • French tutoring experience: native speaker, experienced with children, teenagers & adults in Australia, Canada, Romania. Lead a conversation group in Japan!
    • J’aime:la grasse matinée, my grandpa’s cashmere sweater, raclette after skiing, dancing, fluffy things
    • Je n’aime pas: going to the cinema or taking the plane without M&M’s in my hand, cycling against freezing winds, losing at board games, camping in the rain
  • Clara

    Born: Next to Paris, never lived there though.
    Teaching Since: 2020.
    French Tutoring Experience: Native French speaker. I have been teaching beginners to advanced students.
    J’aime: Pasta with butter, drinking rosé with my friends, yoga and French poetry.
    Je n’aime pas: Coriander, dubbed movies and flipping crepes (never works!).

  • David
    • Born: Nice
    • Teaching since: 2010
    • French tutoring experience: former Primary school & High school teacher, have also taught at French Languages schools in Mexico and France
    • J’aime: trees, the beach, movies, all types of music & the inimitable Chuck Norris
    • Je n’aime pas: not much really, apart from people who sneeze without covering their mouth
  • Djamel

    Born: Paris
    Teaching Since: 2019
    French Tutoring Experience: French is my first language. I have a diploma in business & Accounting. I started teaching French to Year 8 to Year 12 students at a renowned Sydney Private School in 2019. I love it! Currently teaching French to adults at an evening language school too.
    J’aime: Martial Arts, Food & Travelling.
    Je n’aime pas: Strawberries, Liver & Flying Insects.

  • Edouard

    Born: In ze bioutifoul city of Paris.
    Teaching: since: 2015
    Native French speaker: Master’s in French language and literature with a zest for philology & other forward-looking subjects… Looking forward to sharing the love.
    J’aime: Je suis parisien.
    Je n’aime pas: All the rest, except maybe less than decent jokes, croissants & baguettes (you have to).

  • Emeline
    • Born: Saint Malo
    • Teaching: Since 2015
    • French tutoring experience: French tutoring experience in America from 2015 to 2019 mostly following the cursus CNED for kids & teenagers
    • J’aime: Laughing, traveling, also love a glass of white wine now and then – aka most evenings
    • Je n’aime pas: Standing still to take photos, spiders, actually terrified of them, not sure how I survived this long in Australia!
  • Estelle
    • Born: Charleroi.
    • Teaching since: 2008.
    • French tutoring experience: Extensive tutoring of teens and adults at Melbourne Language School.
    • J’aime: Dinner with friends, zooming down hills on my bike, reading in bed.
    • Je n’aime pas: Broccoli, getting caught in the rain.
  • Francine
    • Born: Bordeaux.
    • Teaching since: 2010.
    • French tutoring experience: Pre-school French teacher in New Zealand for 5 years, moved recently to Australia. Now enjoying private tutoring.
    • J’aime: Hamsters, swimming, museums, sculpting, cocktails on the weekend, pretty boys (after a few cocktails ;-))
    • Je n’aime pas: Wintery clothing, people who have difficulty laughing, wine (beurkkkk!!!)
  • Héloïse

    Born: Birmingham
    Teaching Since: 2020
    French Tutoring Experience: Adults and secondary school students French/English. Translation and interpreting in a business capacity.
    J’aime: Le ski, le cinéma, le tennis, dinner with friends, laughing!
    Je n’aime pas: Oysters and delays!

  • Hichem
    • Born: Tunis.
    • Teaching since: 2002.
    • French tutoring experience: Originally a translator/interpreter/actor, working in Nice, Tunis & London, then a French tutor in Sydney since 2006
    • J’aime: Telling my 13 year old son “I love you” in front of all his teenage mates, the smell of jasmine, good chocolate, good sex, laughter
    • Je n’aime pas: People who have difficulty laughing at life or at themselves, dogs that bark interminably at nothing in particular
  • Hugh
    • Born: Sydney
    • Teaching Since: 2004
    • French Tutoring Experience: Experienced in tutoring teenagers, university students and adults privately.
    • J’aime: Family, swimming at the beach, laughing, all things musical, flowers, beautiful gardens and picnics.
    • Je n’aime pas: Having a sore throat, things that don’t work, and people who are too busy to say hello…
  • Hugo
    • Born: Nice.
    • Teaching since: 2020.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker with experience teaching sciences as well as French to a number of nationalities, mostly teenagers
    • J’aime: Soccer, volleyball, any sports really, coffee breaks in the sun, watching stars at night
    • Je n’aime pas: I hate bad weather as much as I hate cheese 😉 also not a big fan of your spiders, crocodiles & jellyfishes
  • Jenn
    • Born: Lyon
    • Teaching Since: 2015
    • French Tutoring Experience: Private teacher for 3 years, mostly for teenagers. French assistant/teacher at the University of Valencia, bachelors degree in Linguistics/Literature
    • J’aime: Nature, spirituality, raclette, backpacking, festivals and concerts, a French barbecue, Guy de Maupassant
    • Je n’aime pas: Traffic jams, showering in warm water, pretending to like my Mum’s super secret mashed potatoes recipe…
  • Karin
    • Born: Colmar
    • Teaching since: 2014
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker who recently qualified as an ESL teacher, preparing DAEFLE in 2016. Teaches children and adults
    • J’aime: Chocolate, cheese (the smellier the better!), cats, all crafts, sewing in particular, dancing, spending time with my little daughter
    • Je n’aime pas: The auto correct on my phone, slow internet connection, air travel, rodents, unfairness
  • Laura M - voulezvouloz
    Laura M

    Born: Guadeloupe
    Teaching Since: 2017
    French Tutoring Experience: Experienced in tutoring teenagers, kids (above 6 years old), university students.
    J’aime: arts and the cinema, all things sports and nature-related, yoga, dancing, hiking, swimming at the beach, wine, coffee, dark chocolate & my sausage dog
    Je n’aime pas: Being sick or hungry, mean, narrow-minded and judgmental people

  • Lauren

    Born: In the suburbs of Paris. Right next door to Mickey Mouse
    Teaching since: 2015
    French tutoring experience: Native French speaker – English and French tutoring experience with adults and children in London and Paris.
    J’aime: Living things. Laughing (& seeing people laugh). Summer rains, dreaming, dancing, food, photography, listening to (and trying to play) music
    Je n’aime pas:
    When I want to sneeze really bad but i just can’t. And also hornets and wasps (non non non!!!)

  • Lavinya
    • Born: Yerevan
    • Teaching since: 2001
    • French tutoring experience: Qualified French lecturer. Experience with teaching adults, teenagers (preparing for HSC and IB exams), as well as children.
    • J’aime: Cherry blossom, giraffes, fireworks, cheese, and fudge.
    • Je n’aime pas : Cold weather, insects, and watermelon.
  • lea_tutor

    Born: Paris
    Teaching Since: 2017
    French Tutoring Experience: Native french speaker. Extensive experience teaching small children and teenagers. Masters degree in International Business. Melbourne based, can teach all levels
    J’aime: Laughing, french cheese, the unexpected, hiking, travelling
    Je n’aime pas: Being bored, radish, the rain.

  • Léo
    • Born: Perpignan
    • Teaching since: 2020
    • French tutoring experience: Online and home based tutoring to Australian students (teenagers) and French learners of all ages
    • J’aime: Travelling, camping, eating, music of all genres, sightseeing, chilling, languages and the sound of chirping birds
    • Je n’aime pas: Monotony, chewing noises, sore losers and the feeling of being one, time flying, and sour fruits
  • Lily
    • Born: Aix-en-Provence.
    • Teaching since: 2020.
    • French tutoring experience: Helped multinational children with their French homework over the last few years, most recently doing a volunteering stint in a library in Namibia, where I helped with languages there too
    • J’aime: Outdoor sports, adventures in nature, meeting new people, good food
    • Je n’aime pas: Overcrowded public transport, sitting for more than 2 hours in one go, people who are unpleasant/always in a hurry
  • Lucie
    • Born: Paris
    • Teaching since: 2008.
    • French tutoring experience: Tutored French at a variety of schools and high profile French institutes throughout the UK and Italy.
    • J’aime: Sunshine, acoustic music, challenges, real camembert (miam!).
    • Je n’aime pas: Running, cinnamon, repetitive routines.
  • Maite
    • Born: Glen.
    • Teaching since: 2003.
    • French tutoring experience: Tutoring French to English and Spanish speakers, as well as tutoring English and portuguese to French-speakers.
    • J’aime: creating basque culture tours, discovering new cultures, learning languages, reading on the beach, swimming in warm oceans.
    • Je n’aime pas: spicy food, snakes, disorder and liars.
  • Rafaella

    Born: Rockville
    Teaching Since: 2017
    French Tutoring Experience: Have lived in France, studied French, French culture, linguistics and education in tertiary studies. I have taught French in high schools and tutored students around Sydney
    J’aime: To learn and teach, the sun, language and culture, musical instruments, driving, philosophy, martial arts and nature!
    Je n’aime pas: Negativity, potatoes, and being idle 🙁

  • Raphaelle
    • Born: Versailles
    • Teaching since: 2010
    • French tutoring experience: native French speaker. Experienced with children, teenagers and adults in Australia. Specialised in student tutoring and HSC. Love conversation groups!
    • J’aime: all kinds of desserts and patisseries, champagne and staying active so I can eat some more sweet “délices”.
    • Je n’aime pas: when it’s not sunny, being stuck in traffic, leeks
  • Remy

    Born: Beirut
    Teaching Since: 2010
    French Tutoring Experience: In Lebanon, with children, teenagers and adults. I am a also ballerina & a high school maths teacher.
    J’aime: Meeting new people, swimming, playing cards & taking great photos.
    Je n’aime pas: Insects, cold weather & horror movies.

  • Ryan

    Born: Marseille.
    Teaching Since: 2020.
    French Tutoring Experience: Relatively new to the world of tutoring, but very enthusiastic about sharing my experience of French culture/language.
    J’aime: Pétanque, learning languages, traveling, eating, double espressos, and sports.
    Je n’aime pas: Drivers who don’t wave, cold weather, and uncooked seafood.

  • Sarah

    Born: Dijon
    Teaching since: 2012
    French tutoring experience: Native French speaker with tutorial and teaching experiences in France, China, and Australia. From toddlers to adults / Beginners to advance level.
    J’aime: le chocolat, la raclette, architecture, skiing and Mario Kart
    Je n’aime pas:
    cockroaches, traffic jams, finding dry fruit in my dessert, and people who complain

  • Selma
    Born: Algiers.
    Teaching since: 2017.
    French tutoring experience: Native French speaker with experience teaching year 8 to year 12 students here in Oz, as well as disadvantaged children back in Paris.
    J’aime: furry animals, scuba diving, Manga animations, Disney animations, BAKING!
    Je n’aime pas: spicy food, cold weather, being left hanging with unanswered questions.
  • Sonia
    • Born: Ribiers.
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: French Native Speaker, experience in tutoring adults. Experienced Speech Pathologist since 2013
    • J’aime: Meditation, open-mindedness, chocolate cake, fashion, riding my bike, a cat’s purr
    • Je n’aime pas: Cooking, Monday morning, ironing, mathematics
  • Sophie

    Born: Saint-Louis, Alsace.
    Teaching since: 2009
    French tutoring experience: Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. Experienced in teaching to adults, university students, groups, kids, specialised in preparation for exams (school and uni) as well as DELF.
    J’aime: Melbourne, books, learning languages, boarding a plane, planning an adventure, poetry, autumn colours.
    Je n’aime pas: Ouzo, the fact that I will eventually have to replace my phone, having to get up on very cold mornings, inconsiderate behaviour, routine, not being able to live in several places at the same time!

  • Thomas
    • Born in : Cholet.
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker, with experience tutoring French to university students and adults in Holland for 3 years.
    • J’aime: Cooking up crêpes for breakfast, going to the beach in Marseille & Sydney, reggae, chillies, learning languages.
    • Je n’aime pas: The smell of the Parisian subway, car drivers who seem to despise cyclists, adverts.
  • Virginie
    • Born: Nice.
    • Teaching since: 2002.
    • French tutoring experience: Experienced school teacher since 2006.
    • J’aime: Sport, travel, the naivety of children, cooking, especially crepes (miammm!).
    • Je n’aime pas: Reptiles, needles, human cruelty.
  • Yves
    • Born: St Maurice.
    • Teaching since: 2003.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker, who has taught extensively in Switzerland and Burkina Faso
    • J’aime: The smell of jasmin after the rain, letting go, splashing out.
    • Je n’aime pas: The imperative, inflexibility, vegemite!!!
  • Zoe
    • Born: Strasbourg.
    • Teaching since: 2011.
    • French tutoring experience: Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language. Tutored adults, high school & university students at all levels in France & Melbourne.
    • J’aime: Cooking, camping, traveling, and the smell of coffee when I wake up.
    • Je n’aime pas: Getting up too early ( even with the smell of coffee ;-), people dragging their feet, and spiders!

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