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We currently have tutors in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

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  • Amandine

    Born: Orléans
    Teaching Since: 2016
    French Tutoring Experience: Native French speaker, Bachelor in Science of Education, taught languages and yoga to students ranging from pre-school to high school students
    J’aime: Food, dancing, travelling armed with just my backpack, yoga, family gatherings
    Je n’aime pas: Negative people, Paris’s weather, skipping meals

  • Amel

    Born: Ile Maurice
    Teaching Since: 2017
    French Tutoring Experience: Native French speaker. Tutored French language & French literature at various levels, from kindergarten children to university standard students, throughout UK & OZ
    J’aime: Nature, hiking, socialising, discovering new places, and philosophy
    Je n’aime pas: Being idle, onions, creased clothes

  • anissa french tutor
    • Born: Huy
    • Teaching since: 2005
    • French tutoring experience: Experience in tutoring teenagers
    • J’aime: learning languages, travelling, hiking, meeting new people, watching movies and listening to music
    • Je n’aime pas: Brussels sprouts, rainy days and drivers speeding up near a pedestrian crossing
  • antoine french tutor
    • Teaching since: 2009
    • Experience: With French teaching to high school and university students, adults
    • J’aime: Asian cuisine, penguins, baking lemon meringue pie (meringue is the key), drinking red wine in front of a fire (cliché but so true), vegemite scrolls, the smell of gasoline, taking photos of flowers
    • Je n’aime pas:  sponges, being late, airplane turbulence (quelle horreur!), whale hunting, grey/rainy/cloudy French winter, orange clothes
  • Aziz

    Born: Bobo Dioulasso
    Teaching since: 2013
    French tutoring experience: experience in tutoring and volunteering with teenagers, adults, kids in Melbourne, Canada, & France
    J’aime: learning, traveling, biking, meeting new people, watching movies, listening to music & reading the lyrics, multiculturalism
    Je n’aime pas: 9 to 5 jobs, routine

  • Bertrand

    Born: Toulouse
    Teaching since: 2016
    French tutoring experience: French native speaker with teaching experience to adult beginners and adolescents.
    J’aime: rugby, fancy dress parties, Tarantino’s movies, snowboarding, the smell of fresh bread and coffee in the morning.
    Je n’aime pas: hypocritical folk, when sand burns the soles of your feet, the feeling of pins and needles.


  • Carole
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker. Experienced with children. Tutored at schools and nurseries in UK.
    • J’aime: Tea, the British royal family, baking cakes.
    • Je n’aime pas: Disorder, snow, dried fruit in chocolate.
  • Cecile
    • Born: Normandie.
    • Teaching since: 2014.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker. Tutoring experience with primary and high school children. Preparation for the VCE French exam.
    • J’aime: Traveling, reading, going to the cinema, catching up with friends, walking.
    • Je n’aime pas: Oysters, noise, running, snobs.
  • Chloé
    • Born: Grenoble
    • Teaching: since 2015
    • French tutoring experience: native speaker, experienced with children, teenagers & adults in Australia, Canada, Romania. Lead a conversation group in Japan!
    • J’aime:la grasse matinée, my grandpa’s cashmere sweater, raclette after skiing, dancing, fluffy things
    • Je n’aime pas: going to the cinema or taking the plane without M&M’s in my hand, cycling against freezing winds, losing at board games, camping in the rain
  • David
    • Born: Nice
    • Teaching since: 2010
    • French tutoring experience: former Primary school & High school teacher, have also taught at French Languages schools in Mexico and France
    • J’aime: trees, the beach, movies, all types of music & the inimitable Chuck Norris
    • Je n’aime pas: not much really, apart from people who sneeze without covering their mouth
  • Djamel

    Born: Paris
    Teaching Since: 2019
    French Tutoring Experience: French is my first language. I have a diploma in business & Accounting. I started teaching French to Year 8 to Year 12 students at a renowned Sydney Private School in 2019. I love it! Currently teaching French to adults at an evening language school too.
    J’aime: Martial Arts, Food & Travelling.
    Je n’aime pas: Strawberries, Liver & Flying Insects.

  • Edouard

    Born: In ze bioutifoul city of Paris.
    Teaching: since: 2015
    Native French speaker: Master’s in French language and literature with a zest for philology & other forward-looking subjects… Looking forward to sharing the love.
    J’aime: Je suis parisien.
    Je n’aime pas: All the rest, except maybe less than decent jokes, croissants & baguettes (you have to).

  • Emeline
    • Born: Saint Malo
    • Teaching: Since 2015
    • French tutoring experience: French tutoring experience in America from 2015 to 2019 mostly following the cursus CNED for kids & teenagers
    • J’aime: Laughing, traveling, also love a glass of white wine now and then – aka most evenings
    • Je n’aime pas: Standing still to take photos, spiders, actually terrified of them, not sure how I survived this long in Australia!
  • Estelle
    • Born: Charleroi.
    • Teaching since: 2008.
    • French tutoring experience: Extensive tutoring of teens and adults at Melbourne Language School.
    • J’aime: Dinner with friends, zooming down hills on my bike, reading in bed.
    • Je n’aime pas: Broccoli, getting caught in the rain.
  • Francine
    • Born: Bordeaux.
    • Teaching since: 2010.
    • French tutoring experience: Pre-school French teacher in New Zealand for 5 years, moved recently to Australia. Now enjoying private tutoring.
    • J’aime: Hamsters, swimming, museums, sculpting, cocktails on the weekend, pretty boys (after a few cocktails ;-))
    • Je n’aime pas: Wintery clothing, people who have difficulty laughing, wine (beurkkkk!!!)
  • Hichem
    • Born: Tunis.
    • Teaching since: 2000.
    • French tutoring experience: Qualified French teacher in London, interpreter in Paris and Tunisia.
    • J’aime: Buddhism, cycling, loud music, warm crème brulee, my pocket-sized demon; Orion.
    • Je n’aime pas: Cauliflower, distracted motorists on their mobiles.
  • Hugh
    • Born: Sydney
    • Teaching Since: 2004
    • French Tutoring Experience: Experienced in tutoring teenagers, university students and adults privately.
    • J’aime: Family, swimming at the beach, laughing, all things musical, flowers, beautiful gardens and picnics.
    • Je n’aime pas: Having a sore throat, things that don’t work, and people who are too busy to say hello…
  • Isabelle
    • Born: Zurich.
    • Teaching since: 2004.
    • French tutoring experience: qualified french teacher (Daefle), experienced with adults and teenagers.
    • J’aime: Food, literature, art, music & travelling.
    • Je n’aime pas: Selfishness and little deadly creatures.
  • Isabelle

    Born: Montbéliard
    Teaching Since: 1990
    French Tutoring Experience: Started teaching at Alliance Francaise in Singapore, then taught to a wide range of students in Japan and most recently to senior high school students in Thailand
    J’aime: Traveling, le Soleil, swimming in the sea, summer, photography, reading, yoga, “prendre l’apéro” and many other things
    Je n’aime pas: Winter, reptiles, injustice, and so many more things…

  • Jenn
    • Born: Lyon
    • Teaching Since: 2015
    • French Tutoring Experience: Private teacher for 3 years, mostly for teenagers. French assistant/teacher at the University of Valencia, bachelors degree in Linguistics/Literature
    • J’aime: Nature, spirituality, raclette, backpacking, festivals and concerts, a French barbecue, Guy de Maupassant
    • Je n’aime pas: Traffic jams, showering in warm water, pretending to like my Mum’s super secret mashed potatoes recipe…
  • Josepha

    Born: Dijon.
    Teaching since: 2008.
    Teaching experience: Native French speaker. One-on-One French, Italian and English lessons to young and less young adults. Event Manager for a French Festival
    J’aime: the Ocean, the mountains, a fresh beer in summertime, mountain biking, travel, smelly cheese, fluffy animals, madeleines (fluffy French cakes)
    Je n’aime pas: Mondays, when it’s muggy and my hair looks terrible, rain, meat, judgmental and narrow-minded people, liquorice, celery, cockroaches

  • Karin
    • Born: Colmar
    • Teaching since: 2014
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker who recently qualified as an ESL teacher, preparing DAEFLE in 2016. Teaches children and adults
    • J’aime: Chocolate, cheese (the smellier the better!), cats, all crafts, sewing in particular, dancing, spending time with my little daughter
    • Je n’aime pas: The auto correct on my phone, slow internet connection, air travel, rodents, unfairness
  • Laura M - voulezvouloz
    Laura M

    Born: Guadeloupe
    Teaching Since: 2017
    French Tutoring Experience: Experienced in tutoring teenagers, kids (above 6 years old), university students.
    J’aime: arts and the cinema, all things sports and nature-related, yoga, dancing, hiking, swimming at the beach, wine, coffee, dark chocolate & my sausage dog
    Je n’aime pas: Being sick or hungry, mean, narrow-minded and judgmental people

  • Lauren

    Born: In the suburbs of Paris. Right next door to Mickey Mouse
    Teaching since: 2015
    French tutoring experience: Native French speaker – English and French tutoring experience with adults and children in London and Paris.
    J’aime: Living things. Laughing (& seeing people laugh). Summer rains, dreaming, dancing, food, photography, listening to (and trying to play) music
    Je n’aime pas:
    When I want to sneeze really bad but i just can’t. And also hornets and wasps (non non non!!!)

  • Lavinya
    • Born: Yerevan
    • Teaching since: 2001
    • French tutoring experience: Qualified French lecturer. Experience with teaching adults, teenagers (preparing for HSC and IB exams), as well as children.
    • J’aime: Cherry blossom, giraffes, fireworks, cheese, and fudge.
    • Je n’aime pas : Cold weather, insects, and watermelon.
  • Louis
    • Born: Melbourne
    • Teaching since: 2012
    • French tutoring experience: Tutored French in one-on-one settings to a variety of students including children, adults and VCE students
    • J’aime: 60’s music, cycling, travelling, le cinéma, hiking, constant self-improvement, dogs
    • Je n’aime pas: Spiders, getting stuck in routines, le vodka, Instagram photos of food!!
  • Lucie
    • Born: Paris
    • Teaching since: 2008.
    • French tutoring experience: Tutored French at a variety of schools and high profile French institutes throughout the UK and Italy.
    • J’aime: Sunshine, acoustic music, challenges, real camembert (miam!).
    • Je n’aime pas: Running, cinnamon, repetitive routines.
  • Maite
    • Born: Glen.
    • Teaching since: 2003.
    • French tutoring experience: Tutoring French to English and Spanish speakers, as well as tutoring English and portuguese to French-speakers.
    • J’aime: creating basque culture tours, discovering new cultures, learning languages, reading on the beach, swimming in warm oceans.
    • Je n’aime pas: spicy food, snakes, disorder and liars.
  • Myriam
    • Born: Noumea.
    • Teaching since: 2000.
    • French tutoring experience: One-on-one and group lessons for all ages, NAATI accredited translator.
    • J’aime: Languages, travelling, yoga, photography, summer.
    • Je n’aime pas: Intolerance, winter.
  • Raphaelle
    • Born: Versailles
    • Teaching since: 2010
    • French tutoring experience: native French speaker. Experienced with children, teenagers and adults in Australia. Specialised in student tutoring and HSC. Love conversation groups!
    • J’aime: all kinds of desserts and patisseries, champagne and staying active so I can eat some more sweet “délices”.
    • Je n’aime pas: when it’s not sunny, being stuck in traffic, leeks
  • Remy

    Born: Beirut
    Teaching Since: 2010
    French Tutoring Experience: In Lebanon, with children, teenagers and adults. I am a also ballerina & a high school maths teacher.
    J’aime: Meeting new people, swimming, playing cards & taking great photos.
    Je n’aime pas: Insects, cold weather & horror movies.

  • Sarah

    Born: Dijon
    Teaching since: 2012
    French tutoring experience: Native French speaker with tutorial and teaching experiences in France, China, and Australia. From toddlers to adults / Beginners to advance level.
    J’aime: le chocolat, la raclette, architecture, skiing and Mario Kart
    Je n’aime pas:
    cockroaches, traffic jams, finding dry fruit in my dessert, and people who complain

  • Selma
    Born: Algiers.
    Teaching since: 2017.
    French tutoring experience: Native French speaker with experience teaching year 8 to year 12 students here in Oz, as well as disadvantaged children back in Paris.
    J’aime: furry animals, scuba diving, Manga animations, Disney animations, BAKING!
    Je n’aime pas: spicy food, cold weather, being left hanging with unanswered questions.
  • Sonia
    • Born: Ribiers.
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: French Native Speaker, experience in tutoring adults. Experienced Speech Pathologist since 2013
    • J’aime: Meditation, open-mindedness, chocolate cake, fashion, riding my bike, a cat’s purr
    • Je n’aime pas: Cooking, Monday morning, ironing, mathematics
  • Sophie

    Born: Saint-Louis, Alsace.
    Teaching since: 2009
    French tutoring experience: Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. Experienced in teaching to adults, university students, groups, kids, specialised in preparation for exams (school and uni) as well as DELF.
    J’aime: Melbourne, books, learning languages, boarding a plane, planning an adventure, poetry, autumn colours.
    Je n’aime pas: Ouzo, the fact that I will eventually have to replace my phone, having to get up on very cold mornings, inconsiderate behaviour, routine, not being able to live in several places at the same time!

  • Thomas
    • Born in : Cholet.
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker, with experience tutoring French to university students and adults in Holland for 3 years.
    • J’aime: Cooking up crêpes for breakfast, going to the beach in Marseille & Sydney, reggae, chillies, learning languages.
    • Je n’aime pas: The smell of the Parisian subway, car drivers who seem to despise cyclists, adverts.
  • Valérie

    Born: Nîmes
    Teaching since: 2004
    French tutoring experience: Currently tutoring at St Joseph’s college from Y10 to HSC students.  Also tutor adults, university students and school aged children.
    J’aime: Cooking all kinds of food, reading, listening to music, going to the movies/theatre. Spending hours on the beach. Clothes
    Je n’aime pas: Winter, skiing, tripe, hypocrites.

  • Virginie
    • Born: Nice.
    • Teaching since: 2002.
    • French tutoring experience: Experienced school teacher since 2006.
    • J’aime: Sport, travel, the naivety of children, cooking, especially crepes (miammm!).
    • Je n’aime pas: Reptiles, needles, human cruelty.
  • Yves
    • Born: St Maurice.
    • Teaching since: 2003.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker, who has taught extensively in Switzerland and Burkina Faso
    • J’aime: The smell of jasmin after the rain, letting go, splashing out.
    • Je n’aime pas: The imperative, inflexibility, vegemite!!!
  • Zoe
    • Born: Strasbourg.
    • Teaching since: 2011.
    • French tutoring experience: Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language. Tutored adults, high school & university students at all levels in France & Melbourne.
    • J’aime: Cooking, camping, traveling, and the smell of coffee when I wake up.
    • Je n’aime pas: Getting up too early ( even with the smell of coffee ;-), people dragging their feet, and spiders!

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Fiona Muir
Fiona Muir
22:48 03 Mar 20
Fantastic tutors! We learned so much and will be back learning with VoulezVous once we are back from our trip!
Molly Turpie
Molly Turpie
10:08 03 Jan 20
I took French lessons with VoulezVouloz for 6 months during my time in Sydney for an internship. I am 19 years old, with a crazy work schedule and... hate to sit in a classroom; I needed a French class that could work around this... VoulezVouloz did! I saw my tutor Audrey for 4 hours every week for six months at different times that fit around me, sometimes at 8am and sometimes at 10pm! I really wanted to learn French because I attend university in Switzerland and although my classes are in English, French would really help with the lifestyle. Now, I'm back in Switzerland and my French continues to improve! What I learnt with Audrey helped by to gain confidence to speak to my friends in french, order in a restaurant, take an uber and understand french texts and emails!!!! I would highly recommend not only my tutor Audrey but the whole VoulezVouloz company. Audrey was more a friend than a teacher so it made learning fun and easy.read more
Rhiannon Bice
Rhiannon Bice
01:12 20 Nov 19
Top-notch tutoring. I have been with VV for 18 months and it's fantastic, my French has improved out of sight. I appreciate that the tutors come to... you and mine thankfully can work around my irregular work schedule. Nothing but high praise for my excellent teacher, I love my lessons.read more
Nicola Corcoran
Nicola Corcoran
07:59 09 Nov 19
Voulez Vous is the perfect option for me since I have lived in France and speak French fairly well. My weekly sessions with my Prof keep me up to... date. Elle est très sympa; we meet in a cafe over coffee and really we just chat although she does her homework and sends me an article to read in advance to kick off our conversation and any notable vocabulary from the previous session. The admin staff at Voulez Vous are also highly efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend Hichem and his team.read more
Ella Roby
Ella Roby
22:21 05 Nov 19
I highly recommend VoulezVoulez - our tutor Emeline has been wonderful with my 6 year old daughter. Our lessons are packed with reading, writing,... conversation, games and songs. We're learning so much, gaining confidence and having heaps of fun. We look forward to our lessons every week!read more
preeta philip
preeta philip
10:14 05 Nov 19
VV has been great. The tutors are knowledgeable and patient. They work well with the students’ requirements. They are firm but friendly. Well managed... with quick step-in to cover tutor absences. Highly recommended.read more
Andrea Natoli
Andrea Natoli
05:08 05 Nov 19
I am delighted at being a student with VoulezVouloz. Their service is easy, convenient and very flexible. My tutor Marjorie is sensational! She... combines different learning styles, which are fun and engaging, to help me understand the concepts and learn something new in every lesson. I have learnt more and been more engaged with learning French than ever before. I would absolutely recommend learning French from the team at VoulezVouloz.read more
Jenny Morris
Jenny Morris
22:01 29 Sep 19
Thank you Hichem for introducing me to my tutor, Bonaventure. Despite difficulties getting to my home by public transport, Bonaventure was always... punctual and flexible if I needed to make changes in our schedule. He is a wonderful and very interesting person and I feel very lucky to have met him and to have him as my tutor.read more
Trevor Gray
Trevor Gray
03:17 15 Sep 19
My tutor Lavinya is brilliant. She has helped me markedly improve my French & has been very encouraging and supportive as I struggled to gain... confidence speaking French. I highly recommend VoulezVouloz and Lavinyaread more
Lynton Taylor
Lynton Taylor
01:54 10 Sep 19
We cannot speak highly enough of the service provide by VouleVouloz or the tutor provided for our two grandchildren in French for the past few years.... Always courteous and efficient. Hugh the teacher has been excellent leading to our eldest topping his years, awarded student of the year and prize from the French Government. He has been selected to teach English at the French exchange school he attended. Highly recommendedread more
Jennifer Mulheron
Jennifer Mulheron
00:21 14 Aug 19
I’ve been learning French with VoulezVouloz for probably over a year now. I’ve absolutely loved the convenience and flexibility of having tutors come... to my home when it suits my schedule. And all tutors I have had the pleasure of being tutored by have been fabulous - patient, knowledgeable and super approachable and friendly. In particular I have huge thanks to extend to Aurore, my current tutor. Our lessons have evolved from classes on grammar and more “structured classes” to conversation classes because Aurore recognised that I needed to boost my speaking confidence. It’s been super enjoyable and Aurore is now a lovely friend and tutor. I’d like to think that I’ve improved a lot but I’ll let her be the judge haha! I certainly have much more confidence now speaking, writing and reading. Would highly recommend VoulezVouloz to anyone seeking to learn or brush up on their French but who are a bit more time poor and cannot commit to school/classroom based learning (which I’ve also done in the past too and enjoyed thoroughly but the time requirement became too stressful when juggling a demanding full time job).read more
wendy elder
wendy elder
19:59 30 Jul 19
I have had a wonderful time with Audrey, my Voulez Vouloz tutor, the last few months. Audrey has given me the confidence to hold a conversation en... français for the first time. As well Audrey has helped me to understand grammar. I loved learning about the subjunctive. Merci beaucoup Audrey.Wendyread more
Mark Carroll
Mark Carroll
00:59 14 Jun 19
Audrey tutors my 9 year old daughter Lola each week. Lola really looks forward to her weekly lesson and the two of them have a very good connection.... I can highly recommend Audrey and the VV organisation.read more
Dan Silverman
Dan Silverman
02:05 13 Dec 18
Excellent business. I heard in the market that this is the place to go if I wanted to learn French. I have not been disappointed. I am very happy... with my tutor (Marie) and I can see the progress I am making. Highly rate this business.read more
Peter Brady
Peter Brady
02:44 09 Dec 18
I've been working with my tutors close to my work at Glebe in Sydney and am super happy with the experience. I thoroughly recommend VoulezVouloz to... anyone looking to get professional assistance to learn French.read more
Kate Conigrave
Kate Conigrave
10:51 25 Nov 18
Julia has been a terrific tutor: lovely to work with and great at explaining. (Sydney)
Helen Mulholland
Helen Mulholland
04:25 27 Oct 18
I've been learning French on and off (and very slowly) for many years now via various methods. I feel like what I've done so far has increased my... vocabulary, but as I am travelling to France next year, I really wanted to improve my conversation skills. I recently completed a set of 6 one and a half hour lessons with a VoulezVouloz tutor (Sonia). It was a wonderful experience. Hisham organised everything and the process was easy and the communication great. Sonia was just perfect for me. I felt she understood my needs (and fears!) and I enjoyed every lesson very much. Each lesson included something different and interesting with a nice balance between learning new things and practising conversation. I came away with more confidence and feeling like I had improved. Highly recommended!read more
Ariana Haghighi
Ariana Haghighi
22:05 07 Oct 18
Fantastic experience with Leslie, French tutor. She is attentive, thorough and an excellent teacher. Highly recommended.
Hye Rin Cho
Hye Rin Cho
21:39 30 Aug 18
I heard about VoulezVouloz through a friend, and overall I had a great experience learning from two different tutors - Yoann and Sonia. Both were... able to travel to the Concord area, which was convenient for me. I would recommend VV to both students and adults who are keen to improve their French!read more
Russell O'Brien
Russell O'Brien
11:15 15 Jun 18
Alannah’s French has come along leaps and bounds since working with Maite. The sessions have been fun and “expressive” and all aspects - vocabulary,... grammar & pronunciation have improved markedly in a relatively short time. Alannah is really enjoying French now. Thanks so much Maite.Russell O’Brien (Alannah’s dad)read more
Freya Appleford
Freya Appleford
22:07 27 May 18
I had a great tutoring experience with Julia in Camperdown. She was very knowledgeable, easy to chat to and helped improve my confidence and french... speaking skills. An excellent organisation, I would definitely recommend Voulez Vouloz.read more
Lillian Kunkler
Lillian Kunkler
07:26 11 Apr 18
Professional, organised & accommodating tutoring service. Caters well for individual needs and specific requests. Tutor was always punctual,... organised and enthusiastic. Highly recommend VuolezVouloz to prospective clients - Concord Westread more
Maree K
Maree K
22:03 04 Mar 18
My tutor was amazing and she always took the time to go at my speed when learning new things. She was very personable and always on time to our... lessons which were held in a public library in Strathfield. My experience with Hichem and his team has been amazing and it is because of them I now have a better understanding of French! Can't wait for my holiday, definitely worth it!read more
Melinda Hamby
Melinda Hamby
22:50 31 Aug 17
My son needed help getting caught up in French after an international move. We initially chose VoulezVouloz because the tutor comes to us in the... Queens Park area. It is so convenient! But now I LOVE VoulezVouloz because our tutor, Laura, is magnificent! She is so kind and patient with my son. We did not expect immediate results but he experienced remarkable improvement after just one lesson with Laura. Now, he enjoys his lessons so much that he asks to continue tutoring sessions even though he no longer needs them!read more
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