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Our French tutors are here to help you get to grips with the Gallic tongue! (That’s French by the way).
We currently have tutors in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

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  • Alexandra
    • Born: Nantes.
    • Teaching since: 2005.
    • French tutoring experience:Native French speaker, taught languages to young children and adults in the United Kingdom
    • J’aime: Cheese and wine (how French!), my grandma’s Polish food, pulling on my dog’s ears, running in the rain, whistling on my bicycle
    • Je n’aime pas:Filing nails, super noisy motorbikes, when my dog doesn’t listen to me, unreliable people
  • anissa french tutor
    • Born: Huy
    • Teaching since: 2005
    • French tutoring experience: Experience in tutoring teenagers
    • J’aime: learning languages, travelling, hiking, meeting new people, watching movies and listening to music
    • Je n’aime pas: Brussels sprouts, rainy days and drivers speeding up near a pedestrian crossing
  • antoine french tutor
    • Teaching since: 2009
    • Experienced with French teaching to high school and university students, adults
    • J’aime: Asian cuisine, penguins, baking lemon meringue pie (meringue is the key), drinking red wine in front of a fire (cliché but so true), vegemite scrolls, the smell of gasoline, taking photos of flowers
    • Je n’aime pas:  sponges, being late, airplane turbulence (quelle horreur!), whale hunting, grey/rainy/cloudy French winter, orange clothes
  • Aurélie
    • Born: Le Mans
    • Teaching since: 2009
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker. Bachelor in French Language and Literature, experience in editing for Book publishing companies. Taught children, teenagers & adults.
    • J’aime: 70% cacao dark chocolate, a cup of Ceylon tea with a good book, lying in the grass on a sunny day.
    • Je n’aime pas: Wind, having cold feet, being late, walking behind slow people in a crowd.
  • blandine french tutor
    • Born: small lost village in Northern France
    • Teaching since: 2012
    • French tutoring experience: qualified teacher who taught children, teenagers & adults in France, Latvia, Czech Republic, Philippines.
    • J’aime: eating bread, cooking tons of cakes, receiving flowers, dancing swing until dawn
    • Je n’aime pas: being late, horror movies, people who don’t know how to smile…
  • Carole
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker. Experienced with children. Tutored at schools and nurseries in UK.
    • J’aime: Tea, the British royal family, baking cakes.
    • Je n’aime pas: Disorder, snow, dried fruit in chocolate.
  • Claire
    • Teaching since: 2008.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker experienced in teaching French to students of all ages in Spain, Germany and now Australia!
    • J’aime: Strawberries, traveling, sausage dogs and picnics on sunny afternoons
    • Je n’aime pas: Looking for my keys, alarm clocks and the rain
  • Clementine french tutor
    • Born:  Avignon (sur le pont)
    • Teaching since : 2012
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker. Taught children in schools in Sydney and adults privately.
    • J’aime: very hot summers, Roquefort cheese and champagne, languages, dancing salsa and traveling.
    • Je n’aime pas: Human cruelty, big grasshoppers, being stuck in the traffic, folding my clothes, and coriander.
  • Estelle
    • Born: Charleroi.
    • Teaching since: 2008.
    • French tutoring experience: Extensive tutoring of teens and adults at Melbourne Language School.
    • J’aime: Dinner with friends, zooming down hills on my bike, reading in bed.
    • Je n’aime pas: Broccoli, getting caught in the rain.
  • Eve
    • Born: Bordeaux
    • Teaching since: 2012
    • French tutoring experience: native French speaker who has mostly taught children and teenagers in groups and solo, but more recently adults
    • J’aime: playing basket-ball, reading poems, debating on political topics, the taste of skin after a dip in the ocean, dancing salsa while drinking mojitos, singing even if I don’t know the lyrics
    • Je n’aime pas: selfish people, horror movies, dark houses, and being late
  • Hichem
    • Born: Tunis.
    • Teaching since: 2000.
    • French tutoring experience: Qualified French teacher in London, interpreter in Paris and Tunisia.
    • J’aime: Buddhism, cycling, loud music, warm crème brulee, my pocket-sized demon; Orion.
    • Je n’aime pas: Cauliflower, distracted motorists on their mobiles.
  • Hugh
    • Born: Sydney
    • Teaching Since: 2004
    • French Tutoring Experience: Experienced in tutoring teenagers, university students and adults privately.
    • J’aime: Family, swimming at the beach, laughing, all things musical, flowers, beautiful gardens and picnics.
    • Je n’aime pas: Having a sore throat, things that don’t work, and people who are too busy to say hello…
  • Isabelle
    • Born: Zurich.
    • Teaching since: 2004.
    • French tutoring experience: qualified french teacher (Daefle), experienced with adults and teenagers.
    • J’aime: Food, literature, art, music & travelling.
    • Je n’aime pas: Selfishness and little deadly creatures.
  • Jennifer
    • Born: Sydney
    • Teaching Since: 2008
    • French Tutoring Experience: Experienced with both children and adults in private and group settings. Taught French to non native French speakers in Sydney.
    • J’aime: People with loud laughter, fencing, confit de canard, history, the smell of second-hand books, rainy days, French wine.
    • Je n’aime pas: Spiders, licorice, tripe, impatience.
  • Josepha

    Born: Dijon.
    Teaching since: 2008.
    Teaching experience: Native French speaker. One-on-One French, Italian and English lessons to young and less young adults. Event Manager for a French Festival
    J’aime: the Ocean, the mountains, a fresh beer in summertime, mountain biking, travel, smelly cheese, fluffy animals, madeleines (fluffy French cakes)
    Je n’aime pas: Mondays, when it’s muggy and my hair looks terrible, rain, meat, judgmental and narrow-minded people, liquorice, celery, cockroaches

  • Karin
    • Born: Colmar
    • Teaching since: 2014
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker who recently qualified as an ESL teacher, preparing DAEFLE in 2016. Teaches children and adults
    • J’aime: Chocolate, cheese (the smellier the better!), cats, all crafts, sewing in particular, dancing, spending time with my little daughter
    • Je n’aime pas: The auto correct on my phone, slow internet connection, air travel, rodents, unfairness
  • Laura
    • Born : Bayonne.
    • Teaching since : 2009
    • French tutoring experience : Qualified French teacher. Experience with children, high school, university students and adults in France, New Caledonia and Australia.
    • J’aime : Champagne, sports, and everything that has to do with linguistics.
    • J’aime pas : Oysters, information technology, and rain.
  • laura french tutor
    • Born: Liege
    • Teaching since: 2013.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker, teaches French to kids, teenagers and adults (school, asbl and private lessons)
    • J’aime: life in general but especially food, sport and traveling!
    • Je n’aime pas: the rain, cruelty, selfishness and people who complain “pour un oui ou pour un non
  • Laurence
    • Born: Geneve
    • Teaching since 2010
    • French tutoring experience: Tutored many people who have bought a house in France, want to spend holiday in France, love France.
    • J’aime: French and Swiss food, a hot bubbly bath with a glass of bubbly Champagne in hand, South American music.
    • Je n’aime pas: Chores, oysters, wet greyish snow.
  • Lavinya
    • Born: Yerevan
    • Teaching since: 2001
    • French tutoring experience: Qualified French lecturer. Experience with teaching adults, teenagers (preparing for HSC and IB exams), as well as children.
    • J’aime: Cherry blossom, giraffes, fireworks, cheese, and fudge.
    • Je n’aime pas : Cold weather, insects, and watermelon.
  • french tutor leslie
    • Born: Montpellier.
    • Teaching since: 2004.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French Speaker, with experience tutoring french to children, teenagers, adults and students in schools and universities for 9 years. Taught French in Mexico for 1 year.
    • J’aime: singing while I’m driving, lemon pies, sunbathing and the smell of coffee.
    • Je n’aime pas: spiders, the sound of my alarm clock and winters.
  • Louis
    • Born: Melbourne
    • Teaching since: 2012
    • French tutoring experience: Tutored French in one-on-one settings to a variety of students including children, adults and VCE students
    • J’aime: 60’s music, cycling, travelling, le cinéma, hiking, constant self-improvement, dogs
    • Je n’aime pas: Spiders, getting stuck in routines, le vodka, Instagram photos of food!!
  • Lucie
    • Born: Paris
    • Teaching since: 2008.
    • French tutoring experience: Tutored French at a variety of schools and high profile French institutes throughout the UK and Italy.
    • J’aime: Sunshine, acoustic music, challenges, real camembert (miam!).
    • Je n’aime pas: Running, cinnamon, repetitive routines.
  • Maeva
    • Born: Aix en Provence
    • Teaching since: 2011
    • French tutoring experience: native French speaker who has taught French & Spanish extensively at a number of British High Schools in the UK
    • J’aime: being silly with my son, when the sun is shining, gardening, cooking, wine, traveling and meeting new people
    • Je n’aime pas: the rain, waking up early, broccoli, card games and lies
  • Maite
    • Born: Glen.
    • Teaching since: 2003.
    • French tutoring experience: Tutoring French to English and Spanish speakers, as well as tutoring English and portuguese to French-speakers.
    • J’aime: creating basque culture tours, discovering new cultures, learning languages, reading on the beach, swimming in warm oceans.
    • Je n’aime pas: spicy food, snakes, disorder and liars.
  • Marie
    • Born: Poitiers
    • Teaching since: 2005
    • French tutoring experience: Native French Speaker, gathered experience teaching adults as well as children in France, UK and Australia
    • J’aime: Melbourne,  languages, books, yoga, cooking, and red wine;)
    • Je n’aime pas: Mushrooms, skiing (sooooo scary), watching sport, being late
  • Myriam
    • Born: Noumea.
    • Teaching since: 2000.
    • French tutoring experience: One-on-one and group lessons for all ages, NAATI accredited translator.
    • J’aime: Languages, travelling, yoga, photography, summer.
    • Je n’aime pas: Intolerance, winter.
  • Ophélie
    • Born: Paris, France.
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience:Native speaker. Experienced with children, teenagers and adults
    • J’aime:the sun, Paris, macarons, French cheese, and Champagne (le vrai!!!)
    • Je n’aime pas: rainy days, snakes, and dried fruit in cakes (berk!!!)
  • Pierre french tutor
    • Born: Nancy
    • Teaching since: 2011
    • Experience: Native French speaker, experienced in tutoring adults and teenagers privately as well as in groups, in Chile and now in Melbourne!
    • J’aime: cheese, hiking, movies, travel, cycling
    • Je n’aime pas: spiders, reggaetón, indifference, sweet mustard
  • Raphaelle
    • Born: Versailles
    • Teaching since: 2010
    • French tutoring experience: native French speaker. Experienced with children, teenagers and adults in Australia. Specialised in student tutoring and HSC. Love conversation groups!
    • J’aime: all kinds of desserts and patisseries, champagne and staying active so I can eat some more sweet “délices”.
    • Je n’aime pas: when it’s not sunny, being stuck in traffic, leeks
  • Sibyl
    • Born: Orléans.
    • Teaching since: 2003.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker experienced with teaching French to adults, teenagers and kids
    • J’aime: good things – this usually involves lots of laughter, lots of sun and lots of sugar. But I also like storms and tenderness, and seafood paella.
    • Je n’aime pas: being bored – this usually involves three hour long discussions about football results.
  • Thomas
    • Born in : Cholet.
    • Teaching since: 2009.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker, with experience tutoring French to university students and adults in Holland for 3 years.
    • J’aime: Cooking up crêpes for breakfast, going to the beach in Marseille & Sydney, reggae, chillies, learning languages.
    • Je n’aime pas: The smell of the Parisian subway, car drivers who seem to despise cyclists, adverts.
  • Valentina
    • Born: Novosibirsk
    • Teaching since: 2006.
    • French tutoring experience: Experienced with children, teenagers and adults (private tutoring and group sessions).
    • J’aime: Summer, travelling, cheese, laughter, and Kandinsky.
    • Je n’aime pas: Beetroot, mullets, and bad manners
  • Virginie
    • Born: Nice.
    • Teaching since: 2002.
    • French tutoring experience: Experienced school teacher since 2006.
    • J’aime: Sport, travel, the naivety of children, cooking , especially crepes (miammm!).
    • Je n’aime pas: Reptiles, needles, human cruelty.
  • Yves
    • Born: St Maurice.
    • Teaching since: 2003.
    • French tutoring experience: Native French speaker, who has taught extensively in Switzerland and Burkina Faso
    • J’aime: The smell of jasmin after the rain, letting go, splashing out.
    • Je n’aime pas: The imperative, inflexibility, vegemite!!!

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