7 marvelous Melbourne eateries you must try

7 marvelous Melbourne eateries you must try

French Melbourne eateriesMiam! Miam Melbourne!

It is often suggested that France produces some of the finest grub and tucker in the world.

What think you, O antipodean folk, is this still true?
Are our cheeses still some of the smelliest yet tastiest out there?
Are our delicate pastries to die for?
Is the Parisian baguette the tightest and best?
Does the salade Nicoise tickle your goat?

Well, if you’re not heading out to Frenchland in the next month or the next year or in the next decade, how ON EARTH will you ever know the answer to these deeply mouth-watering questions?

Well look no further, a handful of our Melbourne tutors  have braved the Melbourne winds and rains and gone out there to try and test these 7 eateries/bakeries/cheeseries.

Their verdict? Pas mal du tout!!!! Not bad at all!!!! Do go check them out and do let us know if your socks get blown off or if you simply fell asleep half way through eating.


Let us begin with a charming eaterie literally called “to the tucker” as bouffe is actually the French slang word for food/tucker. Excellent soupe a l’oignon. Excellent salade Nicoise. Excellent soufflé au fromage. Excellent salmon.  Excellent service. What can we say? If it begins with an S, these guys have well and truly nailed it!!!


This is pure heaven if you are into your crepes and galettes, which originated on the shores of Bretagne/Brittany a good 2000 years ago.
Anglosaxons have pancakes. Gauls have crepes.

Feeling touchy? Touché! For a savoury one try the Provencale which is packed with juicy ratatouille.

For a sweet one, go nuts for the praline et chocolat. Miam!

Melbourne French restaurantCHEZ OLIVIER

Nestled in the deep heart of Toorak, and one of our partners since 2012 their ambiance is so spot on when it comes to capturing the true vibe of a French bistro/eaterie.

If you’ve never tried a steak Tartare, we highly suggest you lose your tartare virginity right here and right now, Chez Olivier.


Do you go gaga over French wine?
This haunt will haunt you forever once you’ve sampled some of the fine wines they’ve tucked up their sleeve. The sommeliers (trained waiters who can advise as to what food goes with what wine) will help you with your choice, but try and catch them when they’re in a good mood.
They have suuuuch a stressful role 😉


The meaning of La Niche closely resembles “the nook” which is apt for this spot, as it is extremely cosy and serves up tasty provincial fare including a killer serving of Moules Frites (mussels n fries) and a range of the sweetest of sweet French tarts.
Furthermore they crank up the volume when it comes to French tunes over the weekends. Nickel, la niche!


If you’re talking pastries, then these cats are the top dogs!!! From the lightest macaron to the flakiest mille-feuille to the zestiest tarte au citron.
They’ve got it all here and more. Exhibited like precious rare jewelery, some of the confections are so pretty it’s almost too cruel to take them out and consume them.

Hey, it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.

French restaurant MelbourneSHIFTY CHEVRE

And last but not least, get a whiff of these guys. Cheesetastic is not the word.

They’ve got runny. They’ve got hard. They’ve got blue.

They’ve got everything else in between. You can pop in for lunch, or order a selection online, or if you are there of an evening,  you MUST succumb to the baked Camembert number.

Fromage nirvana? Absolument!!!


Enough!!! Assez!!! This blogger’s tongue is dangling now. Too much talk. Not enough eating. Excuse me while I pop out and munch into something French. Now then, which of the above do I fancy…

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Published: Jan 13, 2016

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