Aimed at French-speaking children aged 3-12, TIVI5MONDE PLUS is the first entirely free, fun and educational Online TV station.

This innovative service allows French-speaking families, and also anyone with a love of French who wants to introduce their children to the French language, to access quality children’s broadcasting in a safe environment and without any restriction to viewing times.

Working closely with its partner broadcaster (FranceTélévisions) TIVI5MONDE has selected the very best French-speaking children’s programmes.

TIVI5MONDE PLUS offers a wealth and quality of unique programmes thanks to a selection of the best children’s television from French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada) with cartoons, entertainment, educational programmes and news.

Various competitions and educational features are also organised around a number of these programmes. Also designed to promote the French language to youngsters abroad, Children’s WEB TV will provide teachers with educational activities to encourage the learning and teaching of French through the use of cartoons.


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Published: Jan 1, 2010

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