French lessons for Children, Sydney

French lessons for Children, Sydney

VoulezVouloz is pleased to announce that it is now offering French lessons to children aged 5 – 16 in Sydney.

If you’d love your child to have a second language choose VoulezVouloz to teach your children French in your own home. You can take a back seat or get involved with the lesson which will include age appropriate teaching methods.

We use interactive teaching methods to keep children engaged as they learn French including:
– Choosing a French name.
– Learning French songs and games.
– Reading French books.
– Watching French videos.
– Translating their favourite stories, magazines and songs into French.

We’ll also provide free French resources including print outs, book and videos for your children to borrow during the course of their lessons.

So if you’d like to give your child a head start with French, call us today on 0448 271 392.

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