VoulezVouloz is currently partnering with Eastside FM 89.7FM. The station plays Soul. Funk, Jazz, Electronic, Blues and World music giving you sounds like no one else can.

The ForeverFrench program is presented by Gabrielle, Sandrine and Alex who play music from French speaking countries, including Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, The French Caribbean, Quebec, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Madagascar and Reunion Island. Naturally, we play music produced in France. Some of it is in English, Arabic, Corsican or even the Celtic dialect of Brittany.

Their playlists include: Boris Vian, Juliette Greco, Henri Salvador, Gilbert Laffaille, Jacques Higelin, Jacques Dutronc and quirky artists such as Bobby Lapointe, Nino Ferrer, Gérard Morel, Anaïs, Presque oui, Solange et ses Hommes, Rodolphe Burger, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Hindi Zahra… and of course French jazz: the Double Six, Claude Nougaro, The Voice Messengers, Michel Legrand and more.
So tune in to hear our excellent ad and enjoy some fantastic French tunes.


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