The THRIVE theory for learning French

THRIVE Theory for Learning French

Here at VoulezVouloz we believe there are only 6 STEPS to really get to grips with the French language. And the most important is to remember it’s never too late to start.

Check out our six-step THRIVE theory to learning French:

T – find a TUTOR

Finding a competent, reliable, patient and fun “guide” is undeniably useful when it comes to learning something fast. Your tutor will advise you, steer you in the right direction, and make sure you’re on the right track. And all without making it all sound like a tedious chore.

As luck would have it, VoulezVouloz has a bunch of excellent tutors who can come to your home, office or anywhere you choose.

H – form a HABIT

It’s been scientifically proven that for habits to fully lock into place you need to keep them up for 30 days in a row.

As with learning a new instrument or deciding on a new fitness regime, you also need to focus on your French for a good 30 days to really train those “language-learning muscles” and make them taut and defined!

TIP: Spent 30 minutes a day doing something French—working on your French homework, watching a French movie or even practising French kissing.   

R – listen to the RADIO

There’s no doubt you’d learn French quicker if you found yourself magically transported to a French-speaking country. Why? Because you’d be constantly exposed to the language. You’d hear French on the streets, in cafés, in trains, in patisseries, and everywhere else you went.

The best way to recreate this atmosphere here in Australia is to have a French radio program playing in the background while you’re cooking, cleaning or working.

I – create an INVENTORY

When you start learning a new language, you often feel overwhelmed as your notes spread across exercise books, worksheets, bits of paper and iDevices.

It’s a great idea to keep the new words and phrases you’ve learnt in one spot, such as a pocket size notebook. Write the French words and phrases on one side, and the English meanings on the other. Then you can pull out your French notebook and revise whenever you can.

Note: Our French students generally find that writing them down rather than typing them helps them to “stick” better.

TIP: Reading through your notebook before bedtime is perfect, as the words tend to sink into your subconscious.  

V – seek out VISUAL stimulation

To really immerse yourself in French and figure out how it works:

  • watch as many French movies as you can
  • buy French versions of your favourite magazines
  • watch the French news.

Just seeing how French people move their mouths around words will help you improve your French.

You’ll find a great selection of French movies at Abbey’s bookshop (where our customers enjoy a 10% discount). And you catch the French news every day on SBS1 at 10.20am and on SBS2 at 6pm.

E – don’t be afraid to EXPRESS yourself

There’s no point learning French and not trying it out, n’est ce pas?

Try out your French skills on anyone who speaks the language. Dose yourself up with a glass of French wine and fire away. Be bold, be brave, and remember: the bigger fool you make of yourself, the more you learn.

Try chatting to waiters at your favourite French restaurant in French. We have heaps of restaurants partners who’d be happy to take your order in French.

TIP: If get into trouble when speaking French trying using this phrase,
“je parle couramment normalement… mais pas aujourd’hui!”

It means, “I’m usually fluent… but not today!”

So there you go: six simple steps that can help you get to grips with the French language. Give them a try and see how you THRIVE!

Ready to start learning French?

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Published: Jul 24, 2013

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