The best way to improve your French? Take a French holiday!

French holidays in France

This is a guest post by our lovely partners High Point Holidays

Ever wondered if you could combine a holiday in France with a real insight into the local way of life? and the opportunity to practice your French? Well, now you can!

With High Point Holidays every aspect of your holiday is meticulously planned so that you have that authentic local experience.

Walking and cycling holidays in France

The majority of the guest houses that we use on our walking and cycling holidays are intimate, special places with bags of local character. Your stay could include quaint cottages, old farms, former mills, chalets, manor houses or even chateaux, all of which have been lovingly restored by their owners to provide “Chambres d’hôtes” style accommodation (the French version of B&B) or small independent hotels. You’ll find more information on French accommodation on our website.

Meals in the French B&B’s are great experiences, where you share your table with your hosts and other walkers and travellers that may be staying in the guest house. You will enjoy a convivial evening with great food, washed down by the local wine.

French conversation practice

As many of the hosts also speak good English you should have the confidence to have a go at speaking French and not worry about making mistakes. Just try to communicate rather than worrying about speaking faultless French and once you become more confident, you can work on improving your accuracy. However, if you are worried about communicating with the locals with your level of French then you may be better suited to our guided walking holidays rather than our independent walking holidays where our bilingual guide is there to help. Of course, having a bilingual guide offers even greater opportunity to practice your French!

France is an extremely rich and varied country in terms of culture, history, gastronomy and landscape. The different regions retain their strong individual identity, with distinctive cuisine, architecture, accents and customs.

An authentic French holiday experience

High Point HolidaysOur walking and cycling holidays encompass a number of France’s most special regions, ranging from the snow-capped French Alps in the Vanoise to the hills, plateaux and gorges of the Tarn in south west France, and from the vineyards and hills of the Beaujolias to the green valleys and rugged mountains of the Auvergne. Each holiday is an exploration of the area’s landscape as well as its traditions, in short what makes it special.

If you are looking for that local authentic holiday experience, then visit High Point Holidays, “where the experience is everything”.



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Published: Oct 2, 2012

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