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Q: Do your French tutors really come to me?

A: Yes, depending on your location within Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the Central Coast, our tutors will come to you. This is the great bonus of choosing VoulezVouloz. You can stay put in the comfort of your own home (or office) and your tutor simply turns up at the agreed time. Easy huh?

Q: I’m not comfortable having a French teacher come to my home, where can we meet?

A: If it’s not convenient or comfortable to meet one of our French tutors in your own home then we’re happy to meet at either your work place or a local cafe. If it’s a nice day you could even meet in a local park. If you’re not sure where to meet, give us a call on 0448 271 392, and we’ll recommend one of our favourite local spots.

Q: Are your French tutors qualified?

A: Yes, to work for VoulezVouloz, all French tutors must provide proof of not only teaching qualifications, but also extensive teaching experience.

Q: Are your French tutors actually French?

A: Although all our tutors are native French speakers, not all of them come from France. In fact, French is spoken in over 50 countries worldwide. We have tutors from Belgium, Canada, New Caledonia, Madagascar, Switzerland and Tunisia (and France of course!) Some students worry that picking up a regional accent might hamper their progress but rest assured it won’t. We only employ the best possible tutors at VoulezVouloz. Good teachers result in excellent students!

Q: How do you choose your French tutors?

A: We’ve received hundreds of CVs from potential French tutors since we began in 2006, but, unfortunately, very few make the grade (the current success rate is just 1 in 20) . That’s  because we’re very picky! Just because you’re French doesn’t mean you can actually teach French. At VoulezVouloz, we don’t want French people who are travelling and looking to make a quick buck. We only employ committed, professional, qualified French teachers. Our flexible, positive tutors are willing to teach the old and young – everyone from beginners to advanced.

Our head tutor (and Director) Hichem, interviews each potential French tutor personally, not only to bamboozle them with tricky French grammar questions but also to ensure they’re presentable, affable and have a good sense of humour.

Q: I’d like a particular tutor, is that possible?

A: Although we always try to give prospective French students their preferred tutor, it’s not always possible due to location and time conflicts.

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Our French tutors are native speakers from French-speaking countries around the world. We offer French lessons that come to you - in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra! Call 0448 271 392

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Russell O'Brien
Russell O'Brien
11:15 15 Jun 18
Alannah’s French has come along leaps and bounds since working with Maite. The sessions have been fun and “expressive” and all aspects - vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation have improved markedly in a relatively short time. Alannah is really enjoying French now. Thanks so much Maite. Russell O’Brien (Alannah’s dad)
Freya Appleford
Freya Appleford
22:07 27 May 18
I had a great tutoring experience with Julia in Camperdown. She was very knowledgeable, easy to chat to and helped improve my confidence and french speaking skills. An excellent organisation, I would definitely recommend Voulez Vouloz.
Lillian Kunkler
Lillian Kunkler
07:26 11 Apr 18
Professional, organised & accommodating tutoring service. Caters well for individual needs and specific requests. Tutor was always punctual, organised and enthusiastic. Highly recommend VuolezVouloz to prospective clients - Concord West
Maree K
Maree K
22:03 04 Mar 18
My tutor was amazing and she always took the time to go at my speed when learning new things. She was very personable and always on time to our lessons which were held in a public library in Strathfield. My experience with Hichem and his team has been amazing and it is because of them I now have a better understanding of French! Can't wait for my holiday, definitely worth it!
Melinda Hamby
Melinda Hamby
22:50 31 Aug 17
My son needed help getting caught up in French after an international move. We initially chose VoulezVouloz because the tutor comes to us in the Queens Park area. It is so convenient! But now I LOVE VoulezVouloz because our tutor, Laura, is magnificent! She is so kind and patient with my son. We did not expect immediate results but he experienced remarkable improvement after just one lesson with Laura. Now, he enjoys his lessons so much that he asks to continue tutoring sessions even though he no longer needs them!
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French Lessons for Kids

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