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Q: Are group French classes better than private lessons?

A: There are many ways to skin a croissant, and the best way to learn French very much depends on the individual. There are two main ways of learning French:

  • Route one: Choosing a French school that offers French classes at a set time and location. These large classes are a great way to meet other people who share your love of all things French.
  • Route two: Arranging a French tutor to come to a location of your choice to teach you individually or in small groups. This is the service VoulezVouloz provides.
Q: How much do your French lessons cost?

A: To learn more about the cost of our lessons check out the individual lesson pages or give our friendly team a call on 0448 271 392.

Q: What does the lesson price include?

A: Our prices include GST, all teaching materials and all your tutor’s travel costs. There are no additional fees or charges.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: Currently we only accept bank transfers or Paypal payments.
Please note: Payments should me made directly to VoulezVouloz rather than to your individual tutor.

Bank transfers:

  • Account number: 464 215 801
  • BSB: 112-879
  • Please enter your name (and invoice number if you have one) as the reference.

If you have any issues then please contact our Accounts Team on 0448 271 392.

Q: How do I install Skype?

A: To install Skype for an online French lesson, simply download the free software from and create a Skype user name. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Click the ‘Join Skype’ button in the top right of your screen.
  3. Create your account by completing the form.
  4. You’ll be taken to a Skype Credit page (you don’t need to buy credit to use Skype) just check the ‘Not now’ option and then click the ‘continue’ button.
  5. A new page will appear. Just follow the simple instructions to complete your download.
  6. A box should open on your desktop asking if you’d like to save the Skype download file. Click the ‘Save file’ button.
  7. Once Skype has been downloaded to your computer, double-click the file to install Skype.
  8. Now double-click the Skype application to open the program.
  9. Enter your username and password.
  10. Type your tutor’s Skype name (which will have been emailed to you) into the search box and when you find then click ‘add’.
  11. You’re ready to go. When your Skype Tutor calls you, just click the green ‘phone’ button to answer and start learning French!

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Our French tutors are native speakers from French-speaking countries around the world. We offer French lessons that come to you - in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra! Call 0448 271 392

Featured tutor: Francine

Mark Carroll
Mark Carroll
00:59 14 Jun 19
Audrey tutors my 9 year old daughter Lola each week. Lola really looks forward to her weekly lesson and the two of them have a very good connection. I can highly recommend Audrey and the VV organisation.
Dan Silverman
Dan Silverman
02:05 13 Dec 18
Excellent business. I heard in the market that this is the place to go if I wanted to learn French. I have not been disappointed. I am very happy with my tutor (Marie) and I can see the progress I am making. Highly rate this business.
Peter Brady
Peter Brady
02:44 09 Dec 18
I've been working with my tutors close to my work at Glebe in Sydney and am super happy with the experience. I thoroughly recommend VoulezVouloz to anyone looking to get professional assistance to learn French.
Kate Conigrave
Kate Conigrave
10:51 25 Nov 18
Julia has been a terrific tutor: lovely to work with and great at explaining. (Sydney)
Helen Mulholland
Helen Mulholland
04:25 27 Oct 18
I've been learning French on and off (and very slowly) for many years now via various methods. I feel like what I've done so far has increased my vocabulary, but as I am travelling to France next year, I really wanted to improve my conversation skills. I recently completed a set of 6 one and a half hour lessons with a VoulezVouloz tutor (Sonia). It was a wonderful experience. Hisham organised everything and the process was easy and the communication great. Sonia was just perfect for me. I felt she understood my needs (and fears!) and I enjoyed every lesson very much. Each lesson included something different and interesting with a nice balance between learning new things and practising conversation. I came away with more confidence and feeling like I had improved. Highly recommended!
Ariana Haghighi
Ariana Haghighi
22:05 07 Oct 18
Fantastic experience with Leslie, French tutor. She is attentive, thorough and an excellent teacher. Highly recommended.
Hye Rin Cho
Hye Rin Cho
21:39 30 Aug 18
I heard about VoulezVouloz through a friend, and overall I had a great experience learning from two different tutors - Yoann and Sonia. Both were able to travel to the Concord area, which was convenient for me. I would recommend VV to both students and adults who are keen to improve their French!
Russell O'Brien
Russell O'Brien
11:15 15 Jun 18
Alannah’s French has come along leaps and bounds since working with Maite. The sessions have been fun and “expressive” and all aspects - vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation have improved markedly in a relatively short time. Alannah is really enjoying French now. Thanks so much Maite. Russell O’Brien (Alannah’s dad)
Freya Appleford
Freya Appleford
22:07 27 May 18
I had a great tutoring experience with Julia in Camperdown. She was very knowledgeable, easy to chat to and helped improve my confidence and french speaking skills. An excellent organisation, I would definitely recommend Voulez Vouloz.
Lillian Kunkler
Lillian Kunkler
07:26 11 Apr 18
Professional, organised & accommodating tutoring service. Caters well for individual needs and specific requests. Tutor was always punctual, organised and enthusiastic. Highly recommend VuolezVouloz to prospective clients - Concord West
Maree K
Maree K
22:03 04 Mar 18
My tutor was amazing and she always took the time to go at my speed when learning new things. She was very personable and always on time to our lessons which were held in a public library in Strathfield. My experience with Hichem and his team has been amazing and it is because of them I now have a better understanding of French! Can't wait for my holiday, definitely worth it!
Melinda Hamby
Melinda Hamby
22:50 31 Aug 17
My son needed help getting caught up in French after an international move. We initially chose VoulezVouloz because the tutor comes to us in the Queens Park area. It is so convenient! But now I LOVE VoulezVouloz because our tutor, Laura, is magnificent! She is so kind and patient with my son. We did not expect immediate results but he experienced remarkable improvement after just one lesson with Laura. Now, he enjoys his lessons so much that he asks to continue tutoring sessions even though he no longer needs them!
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