Garlic versus The Weatherman?

garlic versus the weatherman

In French we like to use lots of « dictons »… well, especially our Grandmothers.

In the old days, before we could watch the weather forecast on TV to know how to get dressed the next day, people relied on these old wives’ tales to attempt to predict whether it would rain, hail or shine.

Many are still in use these days, such as:

« En mai fait ce qu’il te plait. En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil »

(In May do what you like. In April, don’t uncover yourself.)

Remember in France springs starts in March. So this is a gentle reminder that early spring can still be chilly and you’d be better off waiting for May to get the summer clothes out. Don’t risk it in April!

« Cris de mouette, signe de tempête »

(Seagul’s screams, sign of a storm)

In this case if you hear Seagulls, be careful a storm is coming!

« Brume dans la vallée, fais ta journée ; brume sur les monts, reste à la maison »

(Mist in the valley, prepare your day ; mist on the mounts, stay home)

This saying obviously means that you should watch where the mist is before you head out.

« Ail mince de peau, hiver court et beau »

(Garlic with thin skin, short and nice winter)

In France garlic is harvested during autumn, so it will give you clues about the upcoming winter.

« Arc-en-ciel du soir, du beau temps espoir »

(Evening rainbow, hope for good weather)

So did you see a rainbow last night? If yes, a nice day is coming your way 🙂


 This post was written by the lovely Delphine, our French tutor on the Central Coast of NSW!


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Published: May 28, 2013

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