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Here at VoulezVouloz we understand how difficult it can be to teach small children French.

We have a four year old croissant of our own who studiously refuses to speak French, even though his Dad (Monsieur Croissant) has spoken French to him every day since he was born!

As his mum (with an okay level of French), I do my best to speak it when I can, but it’s a struggle.

After a lot of trial and error, we’ve realised the best way to teach kids French is to make it fun and like a game.

Here’s one fun activity we tried the other day with our mini Frenchie – all about parts of the body.

French for kids

Don’t worry too much about the article (the le, la, les),just focus on getting the vocab into their little brains.

French body part

He was enjoying it, honestly!

Step 1: Get your child to lie down on a large piece of paper (old wall paper is perfect).

Step 2: Draw around your child.

Step 3: Encourage your small human to draw different body parts on the body. As they draw ask them if they know the French name for the body part.

Then say the French word and have them repeat it.

Step 4: Write the name of the body part in French on the paper.
(Our son can’t read yet, but it’s helpful for me to have it there so I remember the word and repeat it.)

Here are some body part names to get you started.

  • Oeil                 Eye
  • Bouche          Mouth
  • Dents             Teeth
  • Oreille            Ear
  • Tete                Head
  • Menton           Chin
  • Cheveux        Hair
  • Nez                 Noseteach kids french
  • Bras                Arm
  • Main               Hand
  • Doigt              Finger
  • Pouce             Thumb
  • Torse              Chest
  • Mamelons     Nipples
  • Coude            Elbow
  • Jambe           Leg
  • Genou            Knee
  • Pied                Foot
  • Orteils            Toes
  • Fesses           Bottom
  • Ventre            Tummy

Step 5: Stick your body to the back of a door.

Step 6: In the days following the activity, ask your child to name body parts, remind them of the name in French.

Step 7: Write the body part names in French on to sticky post-it notes and ask your child to place them on the correct part of the body.

French body parts

Step 8: Try to use the words during everyday situations, here are some phrases to get you started:

  • Lave tes mains          Wash your hands
  • Brosse tes dents         Brush your teeth
  • Ferme tes yeux        Close your eyes
  • Peigne tes cheveux             Comb you hair
  • Mets tes chaussettes         Put your socks on your feet
  • Combien de doigts as-tu? How many fingers do you have?
  • Ou est ton ventre?              Where is your tummy?
  • Voici mon coude                 This is my elbow

Just by repeating these phrases again and again, your child will slowly start to remember them.

We’ll be posting more fun French activities for kids soon!

Over to you

What French activities have you tried with your kids?

A vous

Quelles activites avez-vous essaye en Francais?

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Published: Feb 11, 2014

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