French across the globe!

Did you know there are 53 French countries/nations/territories in the world?
Which ones have you had a chance to visit?


3 things you should know about Wallis & Futuna
* a local might invite you for a cup of “Kava”. Be careful though, it will knock you block off!
* there is absolutely no public transport on both islands, so the best way to explore is by scooter.
* only became a French colony in 1942. Their cuisine is a blend of Polynesian and French. A essayer!


3 things you should know about Vanuatu
* it’s a highly popular destination for Australian scuba divers, due to it’s fab coral reefs.
* national dish is “Laplap” which is flat like a pizza and made with yam and coconut cream.
* boasts a total of 82 islands, only 65 of which are actually inhabited by humans. Incroyable mais vrai!


3 things you should know about Tunisia

* it contains the second largest Roman ampitheatre ever built in the world; “El Djem”.
* the underground/troglodite village of “Matmata” is where the first Star Wars film was shot.
* Mediterranean heat too much? Treat yourself to “Shei Boundouk”. Sweet mint tea with pine nuts. Delicieux!


3 things you should know about Togo
* the national emblem of Togo is the mighty but sadly nearly extinct hippopotamus.
* there are as many as 40 different ethnic groups, but surprisingly everybody speaks French there.
* “Le Grand Marché” in the capital of “Lomé” is the liveliest most colourful market ever. Ambiance magnifique!


3 things you should know about Switzerland
* 6 times smaller than New Zealand, this land-locked country boasts a total of 4 languages.
* hard day on the slopes? Wind down with “Raclette” (log-fire melted cheese) and a glass of “Fendant”.
* everybody’s on time (best watches in the world?) and milk chocolate is divine (happiest cows in the world?).
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Published: Dec 26, 2012

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