Easter in France

Joyeuses Pâques

Easter is a big celebration in France and it’s not just about chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks!

Many Christians attend church services and the Easter bells (church bells rung during the services) are a well-known tradition.

Easter food in France

Others spend Easter Sunday with their families and eat a festive meal, often a traditional lamb dish either ‘gigot d’agneau’ (leg of lamb) or lamb stew. While yummy onion soup and fresh bread are also popular.

Nous adorons le chocolat!

Of course chocolate Easter eggs are still popular and children are told that hares, rabbits or bells bring the goodies.  And of course we mustn’t forget the chocolate fish or Poisson d’Avril (April Fish). Chocolate fish aren’t actually anything to do with Easter but start appearing in shops around April 1st in time for April Fools day.

Les jeux de Pâques

Rolling raw eggs down a slope is an old custom in France, legend say that the surviving eggs symbolises the stone being rolled back from Christ’s tomb.

Another game involves tossing uncooked eggs into the air and the first child that drops one must give some lollies to another.

What are Osterlammelle?

Special biscuits known as Osterlammele are popular in the Alsace region of France. These yummy treats are baked in a clay mould in the shape of a lamb sitting on the ground and these are often decorated with ribbons.

Learn some Easter in France vocabulary

Why not use some French expressions this Easter with your family?

Happy Easter!Joyeuses Pâques !
Basketpanier (m)
Chocolatechocolat (m)
Churchéglise (f)
Chickpoussin (m)
Coloured eggœuf teint (m)
Crosscroix (f)
Easter breakvacances de Pâques
Easter eggœuf de Pâques (m)
Good FridayVendredi Saint (m)
Henpoule (f)
Rabbitlapin (m)
to celebratefêter
to findtrouver
to hidecacher
to look forchercher



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Published: Mar 27, 2013

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