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Fun French for kids: Body parts

Here at VoulezVouloz we understand how difficult it can be to teach small children French. We have a four year old croissant of our own who studiously refuses to speak French, even though his Dad (Monsieur Croissant) has spoken French to him every day since he was born!

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Five Fantastic French Kissing Facts

Have you always wondered why we call the French kiss ‘French’?  Well, here are five fascinating facts about the fabulous art of French kissing… Get ready… This is going to be hot! So, what is a French kiss? Well, let me warn you, it probably feels better than it...

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Halloween French Style

If you’re staying in France for Halloween and wondering what it’s going to be like, or you’re just curious about how French like to celebrate Halloween – this is the article for you. We’ve done some Halloween research, and we’re ready to answer all your questions!...

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The THRIVE theory for learning French

Here at VoulezVouloz we believe there are only 6 STEPS to really get to grips with the French language. And the most important is to remember it’s never too late to start. [Tweet "The THRIVE theory for learning French #learnfrench #frenchlessons"] Check out our...

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Our guide to the top five views in Paris

People often accuse Parisians of being as grumpy as hell, but did you know, Paris happens to be THE MOST VISITED CITY IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Imagine if your town or city was constantly packed with visitors… I’m sure you wouldn’t always be full of cheer and bonhomie. So,...

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Learn French fast!

Our French tutors are native speakers from French-speaking countries around the world. We offer French lessons that come to you - in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra! Call 0448 271 392

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French Lessons for Kids

French Lessons for Kids

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