A quick and easy French lesson for kids

French for kids

We’re getting more and more enquiries from parents who are keen to teach their children French. I’m sure you already know about the benefits of learning a second language and if you learn young it’s so much easier!

To help you boost your children’s French knowledge, our French tutors at VoulezVouloz have created a simple step-by-step French lesson you can try at home.

Step 1: Print out this VoulezVouloz resource sheet and read through with your child.

Step 2: Try a different learning tactic each day (just spend 5 -10 minutes on each task).

  • Monday: Ask your child to repeat each animal name after you.
  • Tuesday: Ask your child to point to the animal as you say it 
in French. “Où est le ____ ?” (Where is the ____ ?)
  • Wednesday: Ask your child to tell you the French word for each animal when you point to it. “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” (What 
is that?)
  • Thursday: Ask your child to make the noise of each animal, “Quel est le son que cet animal fait?” (What noise does that animal make?)
  • Friday: Place a small marshmallow (or healthy treat) on each animal. When the child gets it right they get the reward!

Step 3: Stick the animal sheet to your child’s bedroom wall as a reminder.

Step 4: Whenever you see one of the animals on the sheet (in a book, on television, or in real life) ask your child to name it in English and FRENCH!

The key to helping a child learn French is consistency, repetition and FUN!

Bonne Chance!


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Published: Jan 9, 2013

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French Lessons for Kids

French Lessons for Kids

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