We’re getting more and more enquiries from parents who are keen to teach their children French. I’m sure you already know about the benefits of learning a second language and if you learn young it’s so much easier!

To help you boost your children’s French knowledge, our French tutors at VoulezVouloz have created a simple step-by-step French lesson you can try at home.

Step 1: Print out this VoulezVouloz resource sheet and read through with your child.

Step 2: Try a different learning tactic each day (just spend 5 -10 minutes on each task).

  • Monday: Ask your child to repeat each animal name after you.
  • Tuesday: Ask your child to point to the animal as you say it 
in French. “Où est le ____ ?” (Where is the ____ ?)
  • Wednesday: Ask your child to tell you the French word for each animal when you point to it. “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” (What 
is that?)
  • Thursday: Ask your child to make the noise of each animal, “Quel est le son que cet animal fait?” (What noise does that animal make?)
  • Friday: Place a small marshmallow (or healthy treat) on each animal. When the child gets it right they get the reward!

Step 3: Stick the animal sheet to your child’s bedroom wall as a reminder.

Step 4: Whenever you see one of the animals on the sheet (in a book, on television, or in real life) ask your child to name it in English and FRENCH!

The key to helping a child learn French is consistency, repetition and FUN!

Bonne Chance!

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